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About frank


My approach to acupuncture, and to the variety of healing modalities that I practice is grounded in the idea that in order to facilitate healing, I need to focus my full attention on the patient. This is why my practice is designed to see only one patient at a time. No treatment should begin until I’ve thoroughly examined all acupuncture points for imbalances. This way my treatments can be specific and successful. 

In the United States, the word acupuncture refers to the use of thin, sterile needles that puncture the skin in very specific locations in order to elicit a therapeutic response. It can also elicit nervousness in new patients that might be apprehensive about the insertion of needles. Most of our assumptions about needles are cultivated by the memory of vaccines or emergency injections. This is really a different experience from what is offered in my practice. This style of acupuncture, developed in Japan, emphasizes the use of painless, thin gauge needles. Perhaps because patients in New York already tend to be over-stimulated, I’ve found this gentle Japanese approach to be very effective.

I have had great success treating fertility issues, pediatrics, pain management, skin conditions, anxiety, and depression.  

Please read client testimonials here, my bio here, or for any other questions, please call the office at 1 (646) 584-3870.