A tool that has helped me and so many of my patients is meditation. Meditation can be described as any practice that brings one to a greater state of peace and inner tranquility, usually by means of a repetitive or continual breathing focus. You can use a mantra or physical point of focus that grounds the breath and quiets the mind. Make a point to notice when the mind does get distracted and then you may choose to gently refocus the mind and let go of the distraction. This will happen over and over again and becomes the very practice itself.

If you are interested in working with me on building a meditation practice, you can start with the resources below or call the office at (646) 584-3870 to schedule a meditation coaching session. 


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Podcasts // Ready to begin? Listen, download, or subscribe to my meditation podcast here
Read // Just beginning? Start with the articles I've written about meditation here
Practice // Get started with a group session, see all upcoming workshops here.



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