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It’s been over a year since I gave birth to Gus, and I realized that I had been telling everyone except you that I’m sure you saved my life. I don’t know if you remember how concerned you were about me in my last visit before I went into labour. You told me that you would write me a doctors note keeping me home from work if you could, and urged me to take a taxi from the subway to my work, and then do absolutely nothing while there. I believe that was the heart failure (PPCM) you were picking up on. I had all the symptoms at the stage, but so many of them are the same as pregnancy, that my ob gyn wasn’t worried at all. He was only testing me for preeclampsia and that was coming back negative.

So I wanted to say thank you, a huge thank you.

— sue, brooklyn


Simply put, Frank is a gift. His gentle compassion and specific-to-me customized care has healed my migraines that I had been dealing with for several years. From there, thanks to his fertility prep treatments I was shocked to find out I was pregnant on my very first try. Beyond the physical ministry, Frank has also supported, encouraged, and helped me to grow through challenges I’ve faced in my personal and professional life, always taking care to align the external with the internal. He is in short, a healer. I highly highly recommend putting yourself in his capable hands. 

— bryce, brooklyn


I have been under Frank’s expert and attentive care for almost two years. When it was recommended to me that I explore acupuncture for female health issues, and I reached out for leads, I was told by several friends and colleagues that Frank was absolutely the practitioner to see and trust.  I had been suffering symptoms of hormonal imbalance (high estrogen spikes), including a fibroid that had grown to 32 centimeters (the size of a full-term pregnancy!) and been surgically removed via a myomectomy, and, then the growth of several large ovarian cysts. Another surgery was being proposed, this time to remove the cysts, and I very much wanted to avoid another operation. 

Right away, during my initial visit, I felt understood and completely cared for by Frank and reassured that he would treat me with attention to the mind/body/spirit connection. I felt an immediate shift in my body the afternoon after treatment and, over time, the cysts shrunk and my body began to find it’s hormonal balance. I continued to see progress and I am now thrilled to feel so good without any other medical intervention necessary. 

I currently see him once a month for ‘maintenance' as I find his care helpful in keeping me healthy in all ways (The only western medicine doctor appointment I’ve needed in two years has been for my annual ob/gyn check-up). He is not only an excellent practitioner, but also a keen listener and extremely intuitive; he always ‘gets’ me, understanding what I most need on each visit.   

Frank is a special person and healer, and I recommend him enthusiastically. Whether you have a pressing health issue, something holding you back, or just want to improve your state of being, Frank will enhance your health and your life!

— Meg, Soho


My close friend originally recommended Frank to me, and I am sure glad she did. I have be seeing Frank for over 2 years now. Through many transitions with work, health and personal life he has offered such sound support and healing. I initially came to acupuncture for my anxiety, digestive issues, grief management and general discomfort with where I was in my life. Since our first session I always leave Frank's office feeling more clear, light and centered.  His acupuncture, mediations, craniosacral, Reiki and additional personalized healing practices have a strengthened my immunity, digestive health, anxiety, self and much more. I cannot thank him enough.

— Alexis, East Village 


Frank is an incredibly gifted being who is passionate about helping others. He understands the pain and goes right to it. In our sessions, Frank has shown immense compassion and patience. He has helped me deal with life long issues and has cured my back from a long time injury. He has taught me more about myself than I would ever on my own. He is a gift to anyone who encounters him. I cannot recommend him enough.

— bea, park slope 


Frank is one of the most genuine and thoughtful people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. It started when my back had gone out. Right away I saw that Frank was more than some guy with a few needles and a few tricks up his sleeve. I felt better right away. Shortly after my back began to heal I found out I was pregnant. Immediately I panicked thinking the back pains would return and I would be debilitated during and after my pregnancy. But it didn’t happen.

In fact, a year plus later I am still without back pains. I continued to see frank on a regular basis getting treatments for my back and pregnancy. Frank took the power of acupuncture and healing to a new level. He has so much passion for his work which is evident during the sessions, that you have no choice but to feel better and stronger. Because of his commitment to his work and to my well being, I asked Frank to treat me during my labor. That was an incredibly private moment in my life, but it felt right to have Frank treat me before I left for the hospital. I am so grateful for Frank’s ability as an acupuncturist and healer. Everyone should be so lucky to have a frank in their life.”

— claire, soho


Both my husband and I have been going to Frank for over six months. I went for help with the side-effects of going through treatment for breast cancer, and my husband went for help healing from a traumatic brain injury. Both of us have been very satisfied with the results. I have to admit the idea of needles, no matter how small, was not a thrill for me. However Frank made it a really comfortable and easy process. He explained what he was doing and why (he is very knowledgeable in his field) and his professional, yet kind manner made the entire experience a good one. As to it’s effectiveness for me, well, my oncologist said that she has never seen someone go through chemotherapy so well (read: very little side effects). I believe I did a variety of things to help make that happen, and acupuncture was a core part of that plan. Carlos went twice a week for about three months to help him with his neural fatigue, memory problems and back pain. Utilizing a combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs, Frank’s treatment plan for Carlos was quite effective in helping Carlos’s brain to heal. Carlos wholeheartedly credits Frank as part of the reason that his brain has healed so fast and so effectively; to such an extent that even Carlos’s neurologists are surprised. The end result is that both my husband and I endorse Frank without reserve.

— sandra and carlos, park slope


Frank is extremely knowledgeable, gentle and caring. I have had chronic back pain for fifteen years, and no other methods provided the relief that I felt after seeing Frank. Most importantly for me, Frank took the time to get to know me, and the deeper issues in my life that were causing me pain and difficulty. His warmth and ability to truly listen to his clients sets him apart from any other health professional I have ever seen.

—kyrra, soho


I had never received acupuncture before and I did not know what to expect. I was using this healing treatment as a final effort to heal my sports injury. I had gone through physical therapy, cortisone shots etc. to no avail. Frank’s personable approach and relaxed atmosphere made it easy for me to feel comfortable and have an open mind. I felt relief after my first session. I would like to thank Frank for getting me back on the court at a 100%, and I would recommend his services without hesitation.

—danny, brooklyn


I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years, making work and daily chores very painful thus leaving me tired and unable to sleep. My first visit with Frank was different from all the doctors that I have been to for this problem. He listened to my medical history and took his time with me, He made no promises but felt assured he could help me. After my first visit I felt more energy and an overall well being. Each time I see him he gives me the same quality of care he did on my first visit with him. Finally I have found someone who is caring and also knows how to help me. As an added bonus, I am now seeing Frank for facial acupuncture. I am a 56 year old woman that showed her age due to sleepless nights and the stress from fibromyalgia. I am slowly seeing the stress leave my face and wrinkles disappearing. Feeling better and looking better is a true gift to me. Frank has added years to my life.

—frances, soho

After trying to conceive for more than a year with the help of a fertility specialist, we were referred to Frank.  From our first meeting, he set out to ensure that I was both physically and mentally prepared to become pregnant.  Six months later, when we learned we were expecting, Frank worked with me to ensure I had a healthy pregnancy and helped me prepare for a natural, drug-free labor. I still use the breathing and visualization techniques that Frank taught me during our sessions as part of my daily routine.  I look forward to working with him again when we are ready to give our daughter a little brother or sister.

— America, East village 


There are those put on this earth with abilities to aid in well-being beyond conventional comprehension. That gift combined with relentless dedication to education is what Frank is to me. He has a remarkable way of getting to the root of the ailment, and using his various modalities to provide healing. Frank has been a tremendous support in keeping my mind, body and spirit harmonized during some of my most challenging years. This level of exceptional skill, and a truly kind spirit is what makes every session a truly wonderful experience.

— Victorine, Soho


I first came to Frank 5 years ago when I was suffering from chronic insomnia that nothing or no one seem to be able to fix. Within a few sessions I was sleeping through the night. In Frank, you will find so much more than an acupuncturist- he listens to you and genuinely cares about your mental and physical well being. You leave feeling balanced, centered and at peace. He helped me through difficult times in my life and opened my eyes to the holistic correlation between mind and body. Frank is an ally and a friend who continuously helps me become my best self. 

— Judith, Soho


Grounded, deep understanding of medicine, healing and body function. With Frank, we developed a plan for healing and pain management through acupuncture, meditation and mindfulness. No BS, clean safe environment.  Experienced and trustworthy medical practitioner

Have been a customer for a decade — I go every 3 weeks and have recommended a dozen people I know who also see him regularly.  Frank has helped transform the way I feel and has had meaningful impact on the way I see the world around me

— Kris, Soho


Frank has a unique and powerful healing practice.  He has a very strong intuition and ability to perceive what might be causing blocks in a system that are keeping it from health.  

He is easy to talk to and a great listener.  For me, Frank is a vital part of the group of healing practitioners that keep me strong and functioning at my highest and best self. 

— Elizabeth, TriBeCa 


After 2 years of trying to get pregnant, I started working with Frank once I began IVF as part of my fertility journey. Working with Frank was an incredible experience during a very challenging time. He was committed to me and my journey and took the time to really listen to what both my body needed and what I needed emotionally. Now almost 5 months pregnant I know the time spent with Frank helped to make this a healthy pregnancy. I couldn't recommend Frank more.

— Rachel


After 7 months of unsuccessful fertility treatments a friend recommended trying acupuncture. Looking for ways to help get through the stressful process I eagerly called Frank. After one session with him I knew I had come to the right place. Frank creates a soothing environment that sets the tone for deep relaxation. He has a strong sense of understanding and takes the time to listen to how you’re feeling, physically and emotionally, so that the session is as productive as possible.  Through the use of visualization exercises, herbal teas that were customized with fertility in mind, and of course the acupuncture, I credit Frank for helping my husband and I finally achieve conception.  I couldn’t think of a better way to start a healthy pregnancy and I look forward to continuing working with Frank throughout the next 9 months and beyond.
– Tracy, Park Slope/Soho

— tracy, park slope/soho


I feel very lucky to have found Frank Vogt as an acupuncturist.  He helps me every time I see him.  He is a great combination of knowledgeable, professional, and genuine.  He listens intently and has a wonderful gentle manner.  Besides knowing Frank as a patient since 2007, I am a midwife and have referred many patients to him with the patients also being happy with his care.  I am a big fan.

— susannah donahue-negbaur


When I first started acupuncture, I had been experiencing back pain for as long as I could remember. I had tried just about every traditional remedy out there, to no avail. Remarkably, over the course of my acupuncture treatment, I found not only lasting pain relief, but an entirely new perspective on wellness that will stick with me forever. With Frank’s guidance, I was impacted by the simple yet powerful idea of the connectedness between emotional/spiritual experience and physical health.

Frank’s practice acknowledges this connection, resulting in the type of healing that seems to target not only the specific problem area, but the whole person. Physically speaking, I feel better than ever. But almost more importantly, through this treatment I have experienced healing in a larger sense. Frank’s instinctive methodology, open-heartedness and patient attentiveness have brought peace to both body and spirit.

— elena, soho


I am a NYC firefighter and 9/11 rescue worker. I went to Frank with help for my lungs, and for help with the stress and tension related to those events. My lungs cleared up with help from those disgusting herbs (which I think I got used to!), and my sense of well being improved dramatically. I currently see Frank for back issues that come up and I always feel much better. I must say Frank is a gem, (even though he roots for the Yankees.) and acupuncture is a great thing.

— bobby, park slope


I had my children see Frank for sleeping problems. He was not only sweet, kind and gentle with the kids but seemed to genuinely care about them. After 3 or 4 sessions and a short regimen of herbs my son was healed. I am now in the process of taking my daughter to Frank for the same problem and I am sure we will have a positive outcome as I see that Frank has a gift of healing. Thanks for everything Frank.

—gail, park slope


What a gift Frank has been. A generous and kind healer and person, the treatments Frank gave helped me both get pregnant and maintain health throughout the successful pregnancy. I owe everything to frank for the help and progress we made during the past year.

—cecilia, soho


Since receiving treatment, I have never felt better. My energy level is the best it has ever been and my attitude is more positive. My asthma symptoms are finally under control and I feel my immunity is stronger. While most people around me are getting sick with colds and viruses, I remain amazingly strong and healthy. I used to always be the one to get sick, and now people are asking me how I am staying so healthy. It is refreshing to be under the care of a professional who really helps me and who cares about my health and well being physically and emotionally. Thanks, Frank!

—diana, brooklyn


Frank has managed to maintain a beautiful balance between professional competence and a gentle welcoming demeanor. I had no idea what to expect when embarked on this form of treatment… how was I to know that acupuncture would both relax and energize me. While I was taking the time to improve my body functions, ease pain and increase energy I thought I would also try the facial treatment to improve circulation and soften wrinkles. I expect that soon someone will say “Are you really sixty?”. This has been a wonderful new experience.

—janis, brooklyn


My brother-in-law and myself never experienced acupuncture before and were both somewhat skeptical about this type of treatment. We would be described as both “hyper” type individuals. We went to Frank for stress reduction management and were happily surprised how we both felt during and after treatments. In point of fact, much to our amazement, we both felt much more relaxed even after the very first experience. We have you to thank, Frank, for our new found inner peace.

—Al, soho